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Find Hope and Answers. Feel Valued. Make Friends. Experience God. Discover Purpose

Skeptics Welcome!

Messy life? You are Welcome too!


Services begin at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Come early for free coffee and finger foods. We are located at 783 Veterans Parkway in Barneville, Georgia.


Lasting Impact is a small church where you will feel welcome no matter where you are in life. You can expect to feel welcomed. You can also expect to meet great people that are compassionate and that will understand you. Many of us have experienced and overcome the same challenges you are faced with.

You can expect to see people dressed in whatever clothes they are comfortable in. The worship band plays modern music that is uplifting and inspiring. Messages that are taught are relevant and engaging. They will equip you with answers and direction. You can expect to meet people that will understand you. Expect to feel valued and appreciated.



Lasting Impact Church Barnesville believes that church should be relevant and engaging for people of all ages.  We offer services for everyone. We have a children's church and nursery for your little ones. We are currently seeking a youth/young adult teacher. Pastor Scott uses his education and experience to invest in people with leadership desires.  We want to involve anyone that wants to use their gifts and talents to serve others.


Lasting Impact Church is a small church in Barnesville/ Lamar County.

We are a small independent Christian church with a big heart.

We love making people feel confident, welcomed, and valued.

Our church family consists of men and women that have overcome addictions, been divorced, and successfully blended families. Some of us were once skeptical about God, Christians, the church, and the Bible.

We use our experiences  (both the good ones and the bad ones) to connect with and encourage people.

We are genuine people living authentic lives. You will like us and we like you.

Our mission is to connect with people in the community,

prove how awesome Jesus and His church is,

and help people reach their full potential.

We love to help people be all God designed them to be at home, at work, in ministry,

and everywhere else.

It does not matter how messy your life is, ours used to be too!

If you life is together or messy, there is always a place for you at Lasting Impact Church Barnesville!  


783 Veterans Parkway Barnesville, Georgia 30204

Tel: (404) 444 - 8768

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